She starts to keeps a smash with the Shawn, curious exactly how his sexuality could possibly get work in bed

She appears as a supporting profile inside the 12 months 1-step 3, among the tritagonists from inside the season 4-5 and you will a supporting protagonist and you can an excellent deuteragonist so you’re able to Tommy when you look at the 12 months 6. She appeared in an excellent flashback inside the 12 months 1 occurrence nine of Strength Guide II: Ghost.

12 months You to

The woman is put while the companion of Tasha, commonly spending time with the girl whatever the. She makes it no secret so you’re able to Tasha, which often ignores her conditions.

12 months A few

She observed Shawn provides an attraction so you can Tasha however, that will not stop her out of while making advances towards your, something which concerns Tasha. During the one point, Shawn drives the woman family as well as get to know each other, together applying for him so you’re able to ignore Tasha by simply making your disregard her call and you can making out him. This leads to your developing an interest in this lady.

When he check outs her flat, this woman is suspicious out-of whether he wants the woman it is convinced from the a hug and they’ve got sex. After, she suggests so you can Tasha of your own encounter and that he had been «good», demonstrably enjoying the run into. Yet not, she sees Tasha’s jealous response and you may deduces their ideas for each and every most other.

Inside the later on months, she finds out that Tasha is sleep having him later, but way more getting dating goals. However, LaKeisha are jealous of the two just like the Tasha took something that are hers however, accepted it irrespective.

She are this new last individual discover Shawn died, shortly after Tasha’s label. If you find yourself she actually is unfortunate, she seemed to have obtained over their demise quicker than the woman best friend.

12 months Around three

Followed on the Season step three, LaKeisha try proven to be a manager from a salon for the New york. Inside health spa, she offers Tasha a career here when the she required more cash. When Holly looks towards the her day spa, once you understand she stole Tasha’s earrings before, LaKeisha will get vex but relaxes by herself according to Tasha’s options.

Keisha went forgotten when you look at the season about three finale since she was at the girl store whenever Tommy came in as well as not familiar exactly what he did to help you the girl.

Season Five

It’s later showed that Tommy grabbed LaKeisha out from the city to full cover up the lady of Milan. Adopting the crime boss’ demise, Tommy returned so you can recover the girl allowing the lady so you’re able to get back which have Tasha and allow her to see Angela the very first time and you will experience the woman raid the St. Patrick’s apartment if you’re for research up against James.

Seasons Four

Tommy visits her and apologizes for their making regarding the girl. Then he informs her off his food along with his father and you may stepmother, discussing which he informed her or him throughout the the girl and just how she produced him happy in their date together with her.

This woman is flattered by this incase the guy tries to hop out, Keisha ends up your and you may forgives him prior to saying she actually is willing to offer your other opportunity in the event that he possess it actual which have their. It hug while having intercourse. The following day, she finds out your however here and and make breakfast on her, albeit cereal however, she is moved. She claims next the only path i will bang along with you if you i’d like to perform the preparing. Tommy was not responding Keshia’s messages otherwise calls. Keshia covers so you can Tommy’s family cheek hug Tommy says to the girl the guy didn’t respond to since the he had been hectic he then tells Keisha «You need to get regarding right here today» Keshia claims «Flow exactly what the heck is occurring». Tommy will continue to give the girl to depart Lakeshia does not she informs Tommy «Your altered Tommy We have not seen you like it before whats taking place». Tommy (SCOFFS) and you will says «Go back home Keshia i shall label you afterwards». She states «Go homeward, ‘Keshia Last we simply got eating with your family your calling me your girl in the shit and now everyone banged right up your cannot actually communicate with me The Instance I do not Have any idea You». Tommy up coming state «That you don’t like to learn myself We damage people you to gets close if you ask me i’m a beneficial goddam beast». She up coming make an effort to morale him. Tommy she states the guy continues to share with her to leave. The guy in the end gets to the stage where hes eg «Do you really Have the Fuck Off My Flat». Lakeshia (EXHALES) and you may states «Bang Your Tommy and stay the brand new screw of me personally».

Later Cooper Saxe tries to score Lakeisha on the snitching for the Tommy and you can refuses, Tasha and you may Lakeisha’s relationship comes to an end whenever Tasha wished the girl so you’re able to rest once more on her. Tommy attracts Lakeisha over and you may apoligies so you’re able to the girl throughout the lashing out on her behalf. Tommy reveals so you can Lakeshia which he accustomed snort cocaine so you’re able to get high but quit as he arrived at day the lady again but relapsed this morning. Lakeisha claims she understands on account of him dropping his father. Lakeisha suggests in order to Tommy you to Saxe told her regarding the Teresi and, attempted to get the girl to help you flip initially however, shared with her to find him in order to snitch into Ghost once the CPS carry out need the lady child off the girl.

Tommy assessment their support by the covering up their gun beneath the chair and confirm when the the woman is down with your. Along with he promises this lady which he tend to manage the woman and cash. Lakeisha claims one to she actually is down.

12 months Six

Keisha fits Tommy’s mom, which this woman is put off by the on account of the lady habits and you will aforementioned isn’t for example welcoming off this lady. But not, Kate development value on her immediately following Keisha defends this lady guy regarding bullies.

For the To the Man, Keisha is actually bad at the improving the St. Patrick’s but goes with it to save Tariq. She raises a valid point-on ensuring whether your mob wouldn’t kill Tariq even though it get money. Ghost concurred and you may Tommy got BG help him kidnap certainly one of Vincent’s men.

If you’re attacking over the gun Tasha occur to propels Keisha in the belly. Horrified by the lady steps, Tasha knows that Lakeisha is starting to become a loose stop and to protect their kid she has so you’re able to perish. Keisha begs Tasha due to Dollars and you will Tasha ponders on it. Shortly after the next from concern, Tasha affairs one to finally apology so you can the girl and you will fatally shoots Keisha from the direct. Accountable, Tasha then flees the room. When Tommy production into house to want to their, the guy spots her corpse. Refusing their guy to be traumatized by sight out of his dead mom, Tommy possess Bucks Offer stand straight back as he mourns the woman passing and you will glares in the band he designed to offer the girl.

Tommy brought Cash so you can their dad, into the second being disappointed because of the Keisha’s demise and you will providing an effective hand to assist.